My name is Jordon. I am the owner and creator of I Heart Homemade. Created in 2016, I wanted to bring together two passions; two separate entities that became more than just a hobby; but the start of a dream. In 2014 under a different name a graphic design diploma turned into a graphic design business and in turn became an amazing passion and the start of a career. The business grew and the production of custom t shirts and vinyl decals came to light. In 2016 the need for an alternative to the store bought skin care was a must. My son and I have the most sensitive of skin and we needed something simple, natural and chemical free. I started researching different oils, Essential oils, and many other beneficial ingredients. After creating a few products, I received a ton of interest and people wanting to try my creations. Who knew the love of all natural ingredients could start a business endeavour? Fast forward to 2018 I have a full fledged graphics business, along with creating and selling all natural skin care products, I have also added on many handmade products that I produce and sell on my social media pages. My goal for this business is to prosper greater than I already have, and provide both a superior customer experience and exceptional quality products for my customers. My dream has become a reality and I want to share it with everyone! Please feel free to visit my shop and see all the products that this little business creates.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. Find us on social media to keep current with our day to day creations and upcoming news.